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Listen: Caller: "The people of Belgium and Brussels have made such bad choices I have a hard time feeling sorry for them"

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Darren McCollester
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And I know I and got hurt this may sound Cole that I've always Live a full saying that bad circumstances are caused by bad choice and the people Belgium in Buffalo Mckay player I made bad choices I have a hard time showing starter for the first bad choice has made by Barack Obama Hillary Clinton when they do when they scampered out of Iraq when we won the piece so you know also can look at us and say okay we help to win that war and they did Natal helped us and then you scampered because you didn't have the guts for cause President Obama made up or political choice so to a certain extent we share in the blame for this because the United States ran away from the commitments and a great power have to keep I agree with it well and played some ten twenty thousand agree but there's a yeah well for Smart Ron four set win even go and they got great it's a nightmare problem but you know what ended work one day at a time defection thank you friend Chris Denver Colorado What is a question and all year good why it was isn't anybody in being paid sick no got a bit for what he has gone up to this point thank you you know intimate he won Trump would be I'm in the If you're trying to might be in a bet for that that's arguable hang around him proof and Trump have won ugly Ben up the path and watched all the guys below them get out of this great but made tell me one thing going on in the one time I your trump person he accrues person on our careers present came to continue only because everybody of ten new John Kate seek a boo carry if your trump person you can be mattered am one oh one Ohio numbers the numbers don't add up on that you're wrong Trump now Playing that would be the only compared with the win if you women you can no no no Trump what I'm one Ohio exemplary case think he would get to one thousand two thirty-seven eight thumper K's sick you got to do them if you're a fear of cruised to them you've got to send him telling Graham with one or than has played John pay figure one and only.