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Listen: "Sports, football, this in the last actual reality show left on television"

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Al Bello
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The me let me again this let me give my guys because I wanna make sure that after a little culminated this amazing to me because I keep saying on this show sports football this in the last actual reality show let's on television everything else script it they go wayward but you guys in a restaurant is an argument because he cheated she went with an it's in real time and supplies right then earlier everyone go sorry we were stretching are balls in your home going like how like what's an what's a catch what's not a catch everything that happened Odell Beckham again you know we're all in Josh Norman it's reality it's reality drama and so it you're keep mentioning basketball can I weren't next be are for other sports it's and it's gonna be for all sports and so right now right now Apple right now being in a row since product in their them bowling at right across the street it there in a base unless we other thing is that yes it has been built with basketball but it's also been Bill will fight so it's already so I might give you a lot is you doing that you you at UNC with these oh you what you do what you that's where you have to get you to watch and then they fights with next feel right it's like it's like happened you know except you're watching up my.