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The Most Inspiring Advice From Former NFL Player Michael Strahan

Former NFL player for New York GIants and current football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday, Michael Strahan shares valuable life lessons he's acquired over his life.

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"Be the type of person that you want somebody to be towards you. Be that towards them. And be kind to yourself."

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It seems that you have a clear sense of who you are, where you've come from, and you've developed these life rules surrounding both. Tell me some of these Strahan rules. - Strahan rules? - Yes. - You know what? Never think that, never think you know it all. Always be open to receiving information from someone older than you, younger than you, it doesn't matter. Always be open to that. You never know where help is going to come from. It can come from the most unlikely places. I mean, that's something that's very important. And, you know what? The juice is worth the squeeze. That's one rule number six. When we push ourselves, you know, it's going to be uncomfortable. Sometimes we're going to be in the position where you know, it hurts. But you hang in there, and the more of the struggle, in a lot of ways, the more the return, and the better you feel about it. And you can't change, one of the biggest things you can't change other people. You can only change your approach to them and how you act. And so, you have to be yourself and don't let somebody else's energy bring you down, and change how you are. And the biggest thing is, enjoy your life and enjoy people. Be the type of person that you want somebody to be towards you. Be that towards them. And be kind to yourself. You know, don't encourage other people to be great, but not really encourage yourself to be great. So we beat ourselves up and we aren't very kind to ourselves, but we're very easy and kind to other people. Just be kind to yourself, you're the most important one.