Listen: "Tom Brady's new four year deal is worth a total of sixty million dollars"

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Christian Petersen
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We're not we're gestures rate Rick Breaking news and I want you to keep in mind is about to talk to dearly he from Denver the Brock Osweiler just signed a four year seventy two million dollar contract with thirty seven million dollars guarantee with Houston Texans yesterday just keep that in mind sober Briere just tweeted out the details of Tom Brady's new contract we knew that he signed the extension we didn't quite note the numbers for an here it is according to Purpur era does Tom Brady's new four year deal is with a total of sixty-eight million dollars he gets twenty-nine million dollars signing bonus Bass of one million for sixteen in seventeen we only part of Brady's New Deal New England is the twenty-eight million dollars signing bonus thirty million dollars a guaranteed against injury so this is in essence for Brady a two year thirty million dollar deal with a fifteen million team options for fifty million dollar team options for two thousand eighteen in two thousand and nineteen so there you go on ice twenty-nine million dollars signing bonus they move things around so that makes the cap numbers fourteen million for this year fourteen million for two thousand seventeen and twenty-two million for two thousand eighteen in two thousand and nineteen so by my estimation of that contract right there is worth twelve million dollars less than what Brock Osweiler just got and Brock Osweiler also got seven million dollars I actually eight million dollars more guaranteed money well they go the Patriots keep finalist Jerry may key from The Fan in Denver join Sunday eighteen TX for highlight alum is today and Rickie and don't forget business State sales tax back there that's another be point five million basically that mode they would tax you know so at that on but keep in mind Brock Osweiler wife did that they had a home home you know she didn't have a job so maybe that's why all equals that he did anything to the end calm that's right there as a nod to its doing come out so that was literally the exactly so I think knocking you know give up a little because there is you know some extra money there where Brock filling out that I wonder if I went into a player it's you're just like how cool your with that broke all the players union is just slate did I know your life strange But try to make a living here you put Cedric you subsidies discounts would sixes said some kind of president alright during the key obviously a lot about people are surprising Osweiler is not going to be the quarterback The Broncos the next year first of all it's talk about it we talk to bur Briere a little earlier in he was in he believes that The Broncos weren't sold on Osweiler being a star in the future maybe ain't but they at the last-second they have their offer to pick the million ear with thirty million guaranteed I think everybody was surprised that everybody around he it people are shocked here and almost everybody I talk.