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Listen: "So the Gilmore girls rebote is being"

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Kevin Winter
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So the Gilmore girls rebote is being recommended by a lawsuit Gavin Paul one of the producers the original serious is doing a Netflix for two hundred thousand dollars in damages as an executive producer when the original shot launched his contract was clear that he was to be paid thirty-two thousand dollars for each episode produce after two thousand and three as well as the percentage of the money to show made in total now the guy wants to get paid however Warner Brothers who's producing it says that the revival is eight ribbon it could work based on the television series and not actually eight takeaways Shin the show Chandler catchy to me floor three is about to start shooting and Chris Hemsworth is getting in New entrenched Crede tests not Thompson and has just been cast in the Fenno and this maybe the last more move the reached the Chris Hemsworth and Louise CK planes that he is two million dollars in that after finding his own lead that's what I was too but hey we've got a lot of money.