College Basketball

Listen: "This year, I mean, you know, I guess Villanova's still number one"

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Streeter Lecka
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That every year it is their college basketball this year is as a wide open as we've ever seen a you know last she Kentucky goal for an undefeated season and that kind of dominated everything I feel like that I mean to beat actually made it a sexy your year this year I mean you know I guess Villanova still number one I mean I doubt villain always wanted each of the many you never know but that is really wide open this year no doubt about it and I thought the Duke North Carolina game the other night spoke to that and I know Duke is still and I know that we would every dollar prize when he went to play Dan but effect Carolina this is not even he would agree this is not one of my isn't notice hit visions numb to do not and just the way they were able to hang around hang around Lee you know we at least alluded to the idea yesterday time-out but you know he just let them yes you know potentially waste the nineteen seconds they didn't even get a good shot off and I just thought that kind of spoke to this college basketball season because even a not so good Duke team against a highly ranked yet North Carolina opening twentieth them excel again I know it raji but there's no under some great This is the way to Bobby early teams I would I would agree with that but so who know you don't want is who knows the probably be way to force a North Carolina looks like I mean a wins the ace easy thought of it all I mean of Duke won the ace easy pointed to get Elias even for sure they don't I never know right you never know but I think the you never know was going to be the answer to a lot of people is a little up racquets there is a yeah I know.