Listen: "I think they ultimately need Blake Griffin to be on this basketball team"

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Scott Halleran
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From Yahoo Sports a new Yahoo Sports Radio this great thirteen of the rest without him but is bars upside is concerned I really think any Blake Griffin on this team if they are going to make a run in in the postseason I know that they continue to disappoint them there on I think it all committed any Blake Griffin to be honest basketball team and the probably give him man I have no idea to cents billion precedent situation at least in in recent memory if I have I really don't know if I had to guess I would say that may give him eight a five game suspension and they might even saving is ready to return before he really is because again I think for the ultimate upside if if henschel they need Blake Griffin on the squad subscribe the two exerts for the Yahoo fantasy free show million daily appointment with us not just a rehab dot com slash fantasy.