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Listen: "Bernie has won more states and more votes than any republican except Donald Trump"

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Joe Raedle
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Now you know there's kind of it good news bad at all when the been the president has nominated days nominee for the Supreme Court American Garland this is a big deal and we're going to get to that as we continue but in there and there's a couple of couple of points so I wanna make about last night and and you know it you know basically to to speak to Bernie Sanders supporters retro wire said it best over DE you get a grip it is this If you know this well burning live March fifteenth was the day that Hillary Clinton everybody was predicting with eight and she hats there are still half the state's devote there is still a chance albeit a small chance in a much smaller chance that it was day before yesterday that Bernie Sanders could become president but that's almost beside the point I mean yes of course who would love Bernie Sanders the president released I would but that's so as Birdie has said over and over and over again this is about a Movement not an election obviously it's he's working on the election actually I think what he said is about a move another candidate and the fact that I mean just just consider this for a moment last night the net works and Louise their foot around when we heard the brain was speaking we're footer out all the network's and he was nowhere to be found nowhere to be found instead CBC were both showing an empty Paul but in or elect turn in Donald Trump's home or is Marleau or go a state or whatever it whatever they call it is club I feel like a half hour and he did a minute now down comes gonna come on talking you know this is more important than them but we're going to Bernie I mean we literally never want to Bernie last night brain has one more State stand just just consider this from Bernie has one more states and more votes then any Republican except Donald Trump.