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Listen: "Bailey USC forty four to thirty seven at the half"

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Kevin C. Cox
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Top twenty-five college to score bore what headset Allen Fieldhouse were Kanter's is not lost in forty one games they didn't lose the number twenty-one iowa stayed on the road earlier this season know right now the know why Jayhawks with a fifty eight fifty four lead over the cycles with about soon and a half minutes to go in the second half a tiebreaker was on what they fifty-three hit thirty lead over Stanford early second half number nine Oregon Bailey USC forty four thirty seven at the half seven for Miami doubt Santa Virginia Tech early in the second half earlier in the day when spurts X's and him a Kentucky means they will share the FCC title and then will be the one seed in the conference tournament West Virginia down Baylor Michigan State hammered Ohio State wins for Oklahoma and Villanova as well Duke announced that he will be without for a Miller Jefferson for the remainder of the season as he continues to recover from a broken foot Blue Devils will host North Carolina and about an hour from now when golf but.