Why Didn't Legalization Of Marijuana Pass In Ohio?

Mason Tvert, Director of Communications at Marijuana Policy Project, explains why the legalization of marijuana did not pass in the State of Ohio.

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"They didn't like the fact that it only allowed ten businesses to grow all the marijuana"

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You saw what happened, we all what happened yesterday in Ohio, an overwhelming defeat for legalizing cannabis. Is the takeaway here that the Midwest isn't ready for legalizing this yet? Or is it just the kind of swirly way it made its way onto the ballot? - Oh, I don't think that the outcome in Ohio really indicates anything with regard to the States opinion on making marijuana legal. What it really indicates is that voters are not interested in proposals that seek to create monopolies of small numbers of marijuana grow numbers that get to control all the marijuana in the State. And that's what was being done in Ohio. So, there were actually poles that found that majorities supported, in Ohio, majority of Ohio voters supported making marijuana legal, but far less then the majority supported this initiative because they didn't like the fact that it only allowed ten businesses to grow all the marijuana. And, you add that to an off year election when voter turnout is very low and much older and more conservative and it's really not surprising. But I don't think it's something that has any barring on any other initiatives or other States around the country.