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Listen: "Pablo Vasquez was given the death penalty for beating 12 years old David Cardena to death with a pipe"

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I South Texas man is set to die tonight for a nineteen ninety-eight murder he claims was Don under the influence of the devil Pablo Vasquez was given the death penalty for beating twelve Euro David Carr genius to death with a pipe his attorneys of tried to get his case thrown out multiple times without success Vasquez would be the sixth person put to death in Texas this year who burst as it spending a driver who later passenger drive his car under two hundred mile trip Corey Robinson night a twenty year old Bronx man take the wheel when he got tired during the trip on Saturday and then took a nap around five thirty in the morning police tried to pull the vehicle over for speeding passenger turn driver Juan Carlos that often crash into a guard rail Carlos his charge of fleeing police I six hundred million dollar scheme lands three man in jail USA's Anthony was Taro reports three men in Kentucky are facing charges that they D front of the government for six hundred million dollars in false disability claims the FBI arrested Eric con David Jordy and Alfred Atkins after the indictment for male fried wire Friday conspiracy and money laundering Kaun is a well known attorney in the area and is a queue the Fila he more than two thousand fake claims with the soul security administration prosecutors say con ran the scheme with a retire judge Ana psychologist I mean Anthony loose arrow this is USA Radio News Breaking news on USA Radio dot com.