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The Global Pet Expo Is 'The Largest Annual Trade Show For Pet Products In The World'

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it's an unbelievable amazing so tell the public what Scott about, well I think people don't realize but it will be you get on a cure Pats whether it's a local Independent at store, a change store, in the mirror, more were ever that is all those, I don't care found somewhere, and usually work out then he's retailers go through trade shows, two, all the call Pawtucket bad Federer available been make deals with companies manufacturer those product, and that may bring him into their store in an talent to the consumers so global producto is the largest Pena Walt trade shoulder for Cup product in the world we have over eleven hundred different companies exhibiting product, we have thousands of stores cut come to people's Pawtucket, and basically a pitch from major meeting place, for the pennant history for the companies that makeup and then the retailers pads, and up telling at Q.B., consumers,