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Coach Terry Laughlin On Why So Many Americans Are Afraid Of The Water

World renowned swim coach Terry Laughlin, founder of Total Immersion, talks about why such a high percentage of Americans fear swimming.

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statement that from most people their first attempt this one a lap is a near death experience, and some, outside that bubble that I spoke out of virtue everyone experiences, incredible struggle just to learn even the most basic skills and often out right defeat, and you know you said that only fifty-four percent off was that the statistic fifty-four percent, had basic skills or something like that can pass the swimming test by their attempt, yeah only thirty percent can swung the length of a twenty-five mere poll, and the American swimming coaches Association and The National swim school Association of estimated that only two percent comes from a quarter mile non stop which is kind of The fundamental, level of swimming in order this one profession ascent it's it's that distance that Katie let that keep took three minutes and fifty-six seconds to swarm last night, so it's It is extremely rare now Y. and I didn't Discover The some tell I started told the Marsh and then began working with what I call adult onset swimmers people on the began swimming in MetLife, and once they started working with them I realize that virtually every one I was working with was extremely anxious that they were really I'm comfortable in the water and they they respond to that anxiety with some with a lot of struggle so they weren't really swarming there were struggling and would you say that, you know it's beyond simply hesitant is that to the people are afraid of the water an American there is a culture of fear, it's it's it's that it's part of our basic primal survival instinct, you know swimming isn't aquatic skill and we are to rest real