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A Chilling Story Of Seeing A Ghost When I Was Eight

A caller tells a story of entering his great-grandmother's house and seeing an apparition - a 'shadow person' as he describes it.

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"It was just as black as you can imagine and it was just blocking out the sun."

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I am walking in the back door, just walking along innocent eight year old have no idea and at this point no one in the family had shared any of these stories with each other so nobody knew anything at that point, - ya you keep this kind of this stuff to yourself right, you just go ya there is probably a rational explanation for that you try to explain it away or you just go we are never going to talk about that. -  That is absolutely right and I think every single person experienced all this had that same thought, kept it to themselves it wasn't until years later in the last few years that we started talking about these things amongst ourselves, because everybody thought that everybody else  you know would think they were crazy. So something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye I looked to my right and down this hallway and at the end of this hallway there is sun light streaming through this window, but framed in this light  is this for a lack of a better term, a shadow person, except for its very solid, - a shadow person in the light?- in the light and I don't know that this necessarily meets the definition of a shadow person, it was a  black outline of a human form, - that qualifies, - ya it was I would say about six foot tall if it were solid it would have a stocky build this form it stood there and what stands out to me clear as day even now  is the sun light was streaming around it but it was just as black as you can imagine and it was just blocking out the sun.