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Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer Calls His Team 'Resilient', 'Tough',  And 'Competitive' 

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Hannah Foslien
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It was set for a week three in the possible continued success offensive drive they both our yeah coming up one this edition with on the packers offensive line and bryan bulaga the last give what he sees as the problem with green bay dropback with second with less than one analyst was tucker and tony this early our own jeff lofted with a downward favor floyd little and the latest news and notes from mike florio but let's began the week three with the team hit by the injury bug at key positions more than anyone else in the league and he started pre season for the vikings were teddy bridgewater being lost for the year vet on sunday night wall opening us bank stadium in a win against the rival packers the vikings in coach mike zimmer was adrian peterson coach announced on wednesday that ap as a torn meniscus surgery this week it out several months this team to me as attainment have said just before the resilient tough for competitive in on the season which had few setbacks met we're not the type of teams can sit back and crime on what's happened with him luongo for them try to find a way add to that the fact that they also put starting left tackle not collegial on injured reserve so that means a lot more pressure on a different position and a rising star to carry the often so low first down given to the right of sam bradford play action radcliff rookie zone many right his fifty seventh you have and do near the goal line west and won sunday night diggs had nine catches for a hundred and eighty two yards and a touchdown they're two games he has two hundred and eighty five yards receiving most by a vikings wideout since nineteen sixty nine and even more pressure now though on the quarterback that they brought it but former number one overall pick sam bradford honest thirteen in three years he feels at home and i think any time you joining a new la um you know it's not easy for a split these guys are coming back from day one super supportive of me you know shaun hill you know he has been right there with new you know every step of the way you know when we come out and play well for them so the new look vikings will try there like sunday.