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Listen: "Philly has a one game in hand and the Wings and Flyers play to more times"

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Justin K. Aller
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If a five on three before the only tennis Tony mentioned five three Columbus Red Wings still an playoffs ended to see limited they still made the playoffs but they're only up to games into the two points of Philadelphia Philly has a one game in hand and the Wings and Flyers play two more times but only one behind Pittsburgh for the first wild card berth the Penguins are playing well either the Carolina Hurricanes four points behind the Red Wings Red Wings no regulation wins since Valentine's Day pretty joining but they're still going to be some really big games down the road for the Red Wings including tomorrow night when they take on the Winnipeg Jets and we have that chance for you to win tickets to see said game the Wings and the Jets what a player what's that sound two four eight five I went up on what's up some sorry to have two he five three nine ninety-seven ninety seven nine seven one three six one to play the clip from what's that sound you guess what gamer playing here we go again in fact or bull Utah give me too.