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Listen: Stopping Adrian Peterson is gonna be absolutely be number one priority and he did a

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Adam Bettcher
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Seasons a little bit more dominant and they were feeding off that they effectiveness he often so so every that that put the concert you one of those two of those units working together really showed up the latter half of the season to my think it's gonna say the Vikings are a team that would struggle to come back from a big deficit so I think it's important the Seahawks dig out sooner leave So we can write a wrong here they're simply even say Teddy Bridgewater if you'll beat us God bless you were gonna in for one thing starting this game and that's a stop Adrian Peterson absolutely so they would love to put the game in Teddy Bridgewater can that that would and that would be an in terms of the perfect scenario I think Seattle with would love to get up by you know ten thirteen points and then be able to say okay Teddy throw you way to a victory when you're a degree down you're you're receiver can feel anything I I knew that stopping Adrian Peterson is gonna be absolutely be number one priority and he did a really good job a bit in the first game when they played just over about a month ago they held and 18 kick 18 yards but he only touched feeling any Carrie in an everyone this week with going inwith beat wish I DAV certainly gonna get the ball in his hands for more than eight times on Sunday but you're right I mean if if Seattle team can get up early if they can keep this office of you know fall going an end hit a couple scorers early on and put you know Minnesota in a significant deficit that just lessons opportunities fur Adrian Peterson have the ball in his hands and but even more pressure on Teddy Bridgewater so that Seattle that would be BF's imperfect scenario Jimmy matching zero degrees in Minnesota I love watching cold weather football especially when I'm sitting on my couch with the heat on why refrigerator and know why the my bathroom How will that whether a fast Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offsets I you know it's it's one the great questions because that's just the week we don't see that kind of whether are here it's just it's just not what we did in the Pacific Northwest I think it's down into you know into the 20 in the Seattle area the really very rare occurrence they only sort of you know guide we could take on his last year in Kansas City they played into what I believe there's 21 degree temperature twenty-three degree temperatures Anna being the game they that they lost a bit but their everything sort of punch and the way that they you know intended to there is no great you know problem that popped up become becomes a whether that they put i mean that has nothing compared compared you were degrees in an they you know I do I do think it'll have some sort of like I don't think this is gonna be the prettiest game in the World and it is I think something is if they did the team turned into a blowout I think I'd be ID really surprised because you know way I think the weather skinny equalize things a little bit I still think Seattle is is the better team and should give our there with a victory but I I do think it's this is gonna be more about grinder sorted game rather been be you know the 38 the seven blowout that we saw a month ago when they when they played oh man oh CBS Sports Radio.