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'Cognitive Reserve' Could Be Key To Alzheimer's Prevention

A recent study found that lifestyle factors can help build protection and resilience to Alzheimer's Disease and mental decline.

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people with more formal education and jobs requiring complex thinking made better with stand all timers deceased no research reported effort two thousand sixteen also timers Association international conference suggests that lifelong mental simulation builds up what's known as cognitive reserve providing resilience against the onset of all signers doctor Maria Curry out is Chief science Officer at the Alzheimer's Association it's becoming increasingly clear that both lifestyle medication will be important it, treating and ultimately for thanking often rickety if he's ready for advocate growing evident that light's now factors can help build resilient I can't memory declining to match up, they show that formal education and Complex work, may provide an protection even for Britain factors, but I'm I'm healthy diet or plentiful problems than the brain the new study suggest that work with people rather than data or physical, things, is likely responsible for the protected effect of a complex occupation,