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Listen: "When it comes to the Chargers, there's none other than Kevin Acee"

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Sean M. Haffey
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We're going to bring on somebody that right story ace and the San Diego Union-Tribune win and a lot of it has to do with the Chargers and he knows Mr. Dean span Ellis in he's in the know when it comes to the Chargers and that's none other than Kevin Acee Kevin what's going on to try to take it all out got title when you're supposed to know I just told everybody in L.A. that you do know what's going on now Dean spends his hired a business men in former developer Fred modest to to head at a potential Stadium what do you know about that well I needed to do it you can't be interpreted anything but a positive move threat that's is a guy who moved in both what a call civic circles dishing out you know any full shirt any powerful because I have a lot of friends and a lot of people that respect him in this town any speak the language this far different than what the Chargers have to speak the language of cooperation and how this can get down vs. how it can get it helped which has been the message for a long time here you know it's my contention by the way hello Kevin it's been it's my contention that the deal is not doing this for it every reason is to get this done I don't think he does this without the intention of getting it done he wants to get it done in San Diego but there's issues and there's problems there's obstacles can you explain our listeners what the Chargers are up again and getting something done over the next twelve months while there's a reason to skate if you to build 'em up it's also not really got is doing it on his own GM his hot you know take our are doing anything he became public money kid California she fully stream ATP Kit Kat public money at least of the fight a couple of ALCS I think what the pivoted to forty nine are Scott a hundred thirty million or stop it looks that changed its Yates so it will be very interesting the structure of to Charger citizens' initiative which were all Horvat probably a couple months.