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Listen: "The Patriots pick up Rob Gronkowski's ten million dollar option to keep him in New England"

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Kevork Djansezian
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For twelve all three years with trending now on W Week nine of the week yard dot com the Patriots picked up Rob Gronkowski is ten million dollar option though keep in New England the two thousand nineteen season this according to the NFL network team also tendering him off penciled lineman Cameron Fleming the tampering period NFL free agency underway today teams can sign players beginning on Wednesday afternoon Peyton Manning announcing his retirement our from now one o'clock will bring is now the press conference here on W week Tom Brady they'll Bell checking graduating Manning on a great career and the Bruins in Florida tonight take on the Panthers puck dropping at seven thirty Boston weather now partly cloudy with temperatures in the high forties in the weather brought to you by or friends at sometimes they're back in your trending now brought to you by KARS for kids number one charity for car donations now also accepting boats Harvey's motorcycles and real estate donations call today another our with what Maloney in for now and for gliding Christian will be back more if you want to pass technology to protect your home then choose alarm dot com alarm dot com is the leading technology provider of smarter Home Security over two point three million subscriber stressed alarm dot com and it's authorize Dealers to protect their homes and families everyday alarm dot com is dedicated connection to your home is more secure and reliable than traditional systems there technology offer shoes meet proactive safeguard so your home response automatically in an emergency to keep you in your loved one safe learn more about the benefits of smarter Home Security visit alarm dot com slash radio today pitches following Whaley it's order marleau and forty-eight Frank now on sports radio W we bring.