What Greenpeace's New Project To Fight Climate Change Is All About

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what's a democracy organizer campaign all about for Green Bay's as we think of Green Bay's says you know the bodes say the Wales interfering with the Japanese winners I love during his only been a big supporter, but this is a fairly new project gets very narrow so our number one thing that, green pieces focus on right now is fighting climate change easy on now here it's extremely serious it's a National Security issue and we're not moving as fast as we need to help in order to tackle climate change and after decades of work Green peace and other environmental organizations realize, we're never going to get the legislation that we need we're never going to be able to take meaningful action, and last week stick side democracy so what works for the people and it isn't flooded with money from the fossils feel and dress that are making our Republicans say that climate change doesn't even exist when all of the science is very clear and it's happening right now the people here in America across the world so we've really Dogg ends, you fix are democracy so that we can take relax