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Listen: It's not like chip Kelly was surprised and this is

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Al Bello
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Dot com It's not like chip Kelly was surprised and this is a ton of war that's been going on with the Getty Eagles ownership Beatles locker room and Jim Kelly It's obvious They're not all pulling in the same direction this season an part of the issue is that with all the personnel changes that Kelly made Not only were the wins not there they could still won the NFC East as recently as last week they were an inn the driver's seat there in control of their own fate may I hammered by Washington at absolutely murdered in mauled an so there is an ended any hopes they had well I'm more than just t personnel moves the didn't work out an obviously on the field You could see that this one going to come together this year even with their upset of the New England Patriots add Foxborough that was a big deal Even with the Eagles still being a live ante ended the regular season are 20 in the regular season per division title one of the things that struck me about this team it was a really a team you know it city intangible it's it's on the theory of quality it's something you know an you recognize when you see it and you feel it but you can't really measure chemistry it's this concept we talk about all the time what comes first winning or chemistry do you need the winning the have great chemistry duty great chemistry have winning an there's truth to both of those things something that we see over and over in sports it's a pattern because these athletes are human an because the coaches are human when you make a lot of changes it takes time Kingston mash pervasive gel per people to adjust to one another to get used to differ communication style to get used to new teammates and knew schemes new ideas just in general knew everything An Not only did Jim Kelly make a lot of personnel changes if you pay attention to what happened in Philadelphia he changed everything pretty much the way they did everything the way they practice the way they slapped the way they traveled but he brought in different guys to to work with them at member the story about him bring me a Navy SEAL Lin kind of addressed the whole sports science side you know a lot of new interesting ideas some That may end up working are catching a line he ages well be with him he's innovative things outside the box He's got a very bright football mind probably was while he was trying to change what they were doing you miss changing who was doing it all these teams all at the same time over the last three years has been a ton of change an end after the first year once was kind of slow he wasn't in charge a personnel then or a second season He implemented many changes as he could but over the last couple of years you could see all these incremental changes an inn the way that he has had a ripped up be old blueprint ripped up Saturday and almost started over there's people in the locker room and it takes time for guys to adjust her guys he used to one another.