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Guest Seth Sherwood On Meeting His Wife

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Paolo Bruno
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We're going to switch it up here on the morning show that's right where to mock team to assess as that is re motivational person in the fall of enthusiasm and i have to say he and his wife are the most adorable couple i am going to durant out there that's right we have said sure wade here with that's welcome to the show said see you there are you make yeah girl and week i think in mnf i get here you much better it's about schraeder when you're up speaker the seth now tell us you know when it comes to you and your relationship i have to say you wonder why por soak you can you to share with that's how you to met store and thank you for aaron may have dressed for having me on the show a couple of years ago i was delivering a a famine are a class and i was just focus on really on making sure that group was going to get the result but they were looking to get from that from the pocket i was here menke and she was on the class and caught my eye definitely come my eyes ok i'm here if you should class on customer service on failed on creating you're your personal vision in life and i will look see what happens but i'm i need to focus on my work.