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College Basketball

Coach's Comments: Syracuse's Jim Boeheim On Their Loss To Top-Seeded Tar Heels   

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Ronald Martinez
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Coming up right now no them in sports update with the guy who's had never run Danny daycare that's for sure Marco Bolelli reload play on the mound again began North Carolina proved to be too much for Syracuse the arch eighty-three sixty-six star you'll solve that vaulted two three zone they are rebounded Syracuse by twelve included sixteen second chance points sixteen All bench of rebounds is all four double digits teeth every fan Final Four had a run and to the national semifinal in the song John I've never very proud of the team none of us like this this team has sometime in and I don't think anybody thought they could do we were in the top forty at the end of the year he still plan tonight we lost to a great team can allies too big and too strong for us it's fair to say coach Jim Bay on courtesy of TBS North Carolina gets sixteen points apiece from Justin Jackson in Bryce Johnson also pulled down nine boards to make their tenth national championship game parents red hot Villanova squad by while Catcher Brian Oklahoman ninety-five forty-one largest margin of victory ever for a final.