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Listen: Shot at an estimated four hundred fifty million dollar power ball Jack pot

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Ramin Talaie
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Alright so if frightened you off especially if you're expecting Aaron expected mother's let's cherry up tonight players in forty four states in the district of Columbia will have their shot at an estimated four hundred fifty million dollar power ball Jack pot the details from Bruce Marcus despite thee astronomical odds against winning the power ball Jack lots of people here Irvine tickets like this woman everybody knows it only takes one the win and would with these power ball players do is they be theone said win the Jack pot pay off all my dad and then I would buy Hollis I would become a stay at home on all my husband I have talked about this you know is wind a by a small little Ireland and is go off thing you don't be tropical Bruce Mark is for CBS news legal river Wisconsin alright so looking at he power ball website the Jack pot is now Risen it's now five hundred million dollars when you're odds of winning per the Jack pot one in two hundred ninety two million two hundred one thousand three hundred thirty eight while those pretty good great should if I would five hundred billion dollars you know what I'm doing nothing Gorda biggest put all of black i'll be that guy I wanna double Bob money I'm pay enough my debt by the car my dreams and take in my beautiful tried on a trip around the world that's what I'm doing all of black about a BA billionaire bore up upper well I've used that I would make aired job that's not budget adjustment bird me and they give add Goodluck like you buddy maybe I'll see you tomorrow maybe I won't more Live and local news with bad the way here at Kate MGA today ugly gay auto Wall Street again doing is any favors the Dow is down one hundred eighty four thee S& P is lost thirty any S D S and P is lost eighteen NASDAQ tell 35 what's going on.