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Listen: "He's going to be ending his football career and announcing his retirement today"

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Joe Robbins
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Forty-five sixty six something also want to talk about but Manning the quarterback for the Colts and for the Denver Broncos it's going to be ending his football career announcing his retirement today at a press conference at one P.M. Eastern Time after capping what is no question a stellar in a Fill career with a win in Super Bowl fifty he's going to make that announced a new turns forty this month these ending his eighteen year career with two Super Bowls titles five Most Valuable Player Award some numerous passing records the thing Manning will four goal nineteen million dollars for next season and the NFL gritty served as both a throwback in an transform are during a great career he leaves as the NFL's winning a starting quarterback the only one to win Super Bowls with two franchises Manning played most of his career with the Colts he signed with Denver in twenty twelve the missed seven games this past season with a foot injury that was benched in one last you could tell that he is wasn't himself he sat out the twenty eleven season with a neck injury in them was has released of what the Colts after about them and later the Broncos pounced on the idea of having him after a win over the Patriots to reach the Super Bowl Manning was heard telling New England coach Bill Bela Chuck this might be my last wrote in all and and it looks like it was but I'm going to tell you know being it being a football fan he's one of the finest quarterbacks that I've ever seen play with him and the OHL pouring of support from Bronco fans and from his teammates and the kind words that they have forgotten I mean to a player they say what a pleasure of what is to learn from him and to emulate him he will play here to a teammate but he also than TE lifted that not only their played.