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Everything You Never Knew About Lavender (And Some Extra)

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 a new study came out and it's it's about lab under and how eleven there helps with anxiety and many other things, and they've done they did a study in who was they Doctor Sid free Cass per fan as a presser professor at the medical University Indiana and they did a study and they gave people on the hundred Miller brands to two hundred million brands of lab under tablets and some people placebo was this control girl then they show them film clips and. It's concepts that they showed him with elicit anxiety like you know we have a getting chased or something like that and what they found out is the people that obviously were taking the lab under real Lavin dare they didn't have the same reaction is on an Olle is the people who were taken the placebo so Levin there is a really great thing to help you reduce inside the it's hard to getting your diet, so there is an recipes out there for Lavin dare on laminated but I don't think I've ever had there be resources using our now land Call Me at eleven years in you know when you get the size is have a let me just say some of the uses of Hanson on for digestive complaints nominee nasty Al at last appetite upset stomach if you have any like yeah see if you're that lander can use for pain my dream I had a whole foods are will you can by eleven whale or what is time you is you can make at the eliminate you can put while I cannot Lemon a drink that you would make or something. And then you also can use it to do it to be applied to the skin on your had for here last in there's a study that shows the evidence that ladder can promote here growth by up to forty four percent after seven months of treatment has been that's huge the also say that it can dermatologist and run a therapist I'm working with Lavin here and hack me, make me goose the bacteria infection reduce starring if someone has really bad Acme and then it's also widely used for people with respiratory problems Fluke lastOne infections called science Jackson on congestion and you can either the third or you can applied on the skinny your chain Aston back they