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Listen: "I believe the governorship is salvageable..."

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Joe Raedle
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I don't think side of it all yeah I thank God I get Isis a but but more importantly I threw a sort of believes the governor when he gets off the campaign trail comes back licks is we're wins and sits Ok I'm going to re double my efforts and that concentrate on Wisconsin I believe the governor ship is salvageable I do but I actually grew summer things probably say you need to come out you need a set out an important agenda here's what we're going to highlight on and we're going to be pulled within people like we were with that can't but this quit and a deal with it you know pick I'd like to see them Reto the truth of just skal had like to see Walker be a leader on that you've got the road issued you've always got these job issues he aggressive with that type of stuff but just Ok now I understand I said I was done but now of somebody was there ask me I might want to be the vice president and that's talked to Johnny man six four to be KMJ good morning I jolly well he did governor absolutely not he has to lead this Republican Party back to some them both this all the searching for Quality of life in the state it's looked away with anyone he'll be run and anything other than concentrating totally he's been there so re entered the leader in better shape up front since then you know Headley any come up with come up with a pick whatever your two or three big items are going to be just like the act ten thing was and then maybe can figure out a way to make at less controversial the neck ten but okay Vince okay this is what we're doing going to push through with these things instead of encouraging speculation about again I did you're right this everything about we're gonna go tilted when those again know you need to focus on Wisconsin for alternatively if if you decide you you're not interested report with the job he would it do something different they learn get out of the way stepped down turn the job over Rebecca clay fish and then let this kind of move on and not encouraging that but to leave opened a door that you be interested in getting back on the campaign trail to run for vice president that's not making anything any easier for anybody in Wisconsin we're all just drama long or how much more this winter throws in us we all wanted here it's why we're here to most experienced meteorologist storm team for.