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markets Listen: "Several other indicators are also on the docket including the report on new"

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W business report he was enough they own wall street tuesday for a preview of wednesday's markets from bloomberg business here's jeff founder the minutes from the federal reserve boards most recent policy meeting will be ready stood a we'll see whether the minutes change the view with that a december interest rate hike is all but guaranteed come all streak lamar of st home our global strategy says fed chair janet yellen maybe less reluctant to raise rates next year because president elect trump a said he will not nominated for a second term if she's not going to be nominated you might that's what do what businesses city and height i'm looking for the fleeced to hikes next year we just the switch from what they thought before the elections streak room are says additional rate hikes will strengthen the dollar economists surveyed by bloomberg think the congress department will report that orders for durable goods rebounded last month after september pull back to report will be out before the markets open the government report on october sales of new homes coming out after the start of trading may show there was a slight decline several other indicators are also on the docket including the report on new.