Listen: "It seems nothing can slow down though Spurs"

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Christian Petersen
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Which player the win it was nothing to slow down though Spurs comes Tony quickly in the find what would be out good luck when generally it's about a three instant goes to bring wide open straight away three the salmon but instilled third quarter noon on the flourish that he'd won twelve eighty-eight why Leonard bash a career-best with thirty-two points but you know lead midway through the third due to a bruised quad no word on the severity just yet Bill Sharman the Kong Spurs radio network Houser The Warriors that kept pace they bounce the Clippers won fourteen ninety-eight Steph Curry finished with thirty-three play Thompson thirty-two that half sixty-four and seven thirty-three no at home cabs down the Bucks won thirteen one of four balance scoring but by twenty-six or LeBron James Kevin Love a twenty-four ten boards Celtics to got the Raptors ninety one seventy-nine Pistons bounce the Magic won two one eighteen one oh two Roger Drummond thirty points fourteen boards fall down into the Wizards one twenty-two one oh one snap their five game win streak finish order twenty-three off the bench mix surprise the Bulls one thirteen one oh seven Kristo forcing his twenty-nine a ten rebounds I've been enough that would twenty-four jazz into the Rockets eighty-nine eighty-seven favors dunk one point six seconds remaining wages dropped him ever total my one of three Damian Lillard twenty seventh suns of The Lakers one nineteen one oh seven she will test the Kings won thirteen one of four Karl Anthony Towns twenty sixth eleven rebounds than the Nuggets live by the Sixers well for one of three thanks for this to roll Arthur throws it into Moodie ABD across the half Portland lost the basketball picked up shoots it.