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Trump At The New York Economic Club, Talking About "The Regulation Industry"

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Mark Wilson
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And the only thing that might change it the debates and the matter truth john boyett very smart got better through is that trump as an awkward share way of saying very true effect and then people care about you do not and the media's pursuing him now with hatcher dirt chacin with tax returns them first certificate spent people felt care trying to turn donald trump genuine to you know i mentioned gas chamber which knowledge meant to make capital punishment into some kind a whole look out for a front and it's all reinforcing the narrative that were stick of this were second media an elite sick of off an ncaa we're sick of everyone all the political correctness and it doesn't really matter what trump except physical events foles down again she my neck area state and she passes out again she looked great yesterday but it sure looks almost fully recovered he had a completely that bed and the acceptance speech andrea to everyone around i tweeted out a couple things she said i'm not a quitter and i just put on benghazi a lot of people say lots of things about me i'm not a quitter and i just got to tight end that but you're funny thing to anyone who knows that's all she's ever done she ran away from a state department but let's let's take a look at what donald trump at this stage can trigger want to get through trump beach yesterday pretty terrific beach i was play the first cut a number four economic club of new york yesterday cut number four one of the keys to unlocking growth is scaling back here is of disasters regulations you know around early on toews fly out of control fear or credits regulations and grown into a massive job killing industry and the regulation industry is running his does i absolutely put to him and gay and won okay so the no one buyers thing i sent dell and there are no litmus test this year or rather a hundred and twenty million litmus test everyone has their deep seated views and not takes i'm met and talked with probably a thousand individual borders on the market for miami tempo orlando winston salem dc philly columbus in cleveland with denver now i left ago crowds range inside but not intensity.