College Basketball

Listen: "More importantly, they're being out rebounded by five"

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Craig Jones
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Seven do whatever was bad green right here by Georgia tactics nothing in the last two minutes and they made their last four consecutive shots last season going into their first bond misty their last four consecutive shots only one of their last six at what they do that's where The Big Lead go away middle do it every time you know more importantly to being out rebounded by far that's a real bad like I said this with us rebounded club by rebound margin of ACC as their two best with what we care he is light years global fitted even close not even close it might as they've given battle-tested they played Utah they played Kansas State played only played with Virginia but this will miss they played North Carolina due could Syracuse Hooper junior noted a global but they would pursue would be moving on senior night they found out that we're going to get into the lane and this club I'm lost by three in Mobile they can do that on the road bacon when here make no mistake in bounds by the yellow doctors now my just four after being twice now nineteen.