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Listen: "We'll see how the Western Conference match-ups play out"

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Andy Lyons
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He's we've in for being termin and clapping NBA he was running game between the Warriors and Thunder again on Monday I would have to watch it again signup for that in the post even as well he will be out the Western Conference matchups play out but the Warriors we know for sure will be in they've already clinched a playoff spot in February and this was before they won in Oklahoma City because the Houston Rockets had lost the Warriors will wear locked into a playoff spot the earliest in the end the eighth history going back to the Lakers the late ninety the last time a team clinched with so much I let this be them but the Warriors technically him where the earliest fifty-three in five now they by twenty-four games left and didn't lose still up to four and chicago bold and technically this birthday until now be hard to imagine them running the table which is what they have to deal with eight have lost nine games but if he were and to their rodeo road trip wow what they held it you know this rodeo road trip they take every February whether gone for several weeks while there really is covered in so I stand I'll boo as well command was running all over it that love radios by the way so this was their rodeo road trip when the at the Magic when the last that the club berth beat the Lakers B next one that commend so beat the Jazz on Friday night in what was denied a total humiliation annihilation and then the against the Rockets winning on Saturday night so they're now fifty and nine and while we're talking about Steph Curry and the Warriors history how about this third the Birds own the NBA record and it extended it this David now and second in years and at least fifty wave wow so once again appreciate what you are seeing not just what the Warriors but with the spurt because someday people are going to wonder about Tim Duncan and the Spurs in Gregg Popovich and you're going to be able to stay I saw them when so so get in it's huge it was at the same time and half that for the NBA in for other sports fan and as the buzzer borrow it after hours with a real Arencibia sports radio CBS sports radio.