Listen: "He beat the news live and local i'm dave alpert and it's bad aware welcome to winner in this southland"

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Taylor Weidman
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He beat the news live and local i'm dave alpert and it's bad aware welcome to winner in this southland national weather service you know if you invent and urban and small stream lot advisory an effect until twelve fifty it's raining now and it bigger storm is expected at the end of the week brain is contributing lays had l a x the night delays of up to two hours on arrivals and departures mainly due to the heavy holiday related travel volume you're is in orange county our recommended no doubt senate sports sex offender who have got good and murdered for women stephen being morton who been representing himself a trial was convicted last week at the killings although he try to deflect some blame on this call defendant who was still awaiting trial the mother of one of the victims dalton dc for news she's happy that gordon good dez's own lawyer actually i'm glad it made him look like in india investigators crack the case impart banks been cheap vs monitors ward and this call defended were wearing at the time formal sentence in for gordon to set for february third and jefferies k abc news don't know verdict in the corruption trial of former la county sheriff leap pocket your is will be in their third full day of the liberation in the morning talk radio seven ivy k_abc sports on our local wrote that the day off skated national tomorrow night abc airtime for thirty that sports.