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Charles Krauthammer's Advice To Trump For Presidential Debate: 'Do Not Shout' 

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Tom Pennington
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Well charles crowd hammer yesterday on the fox news with making kelly giving his advice to both candidates for the first debate tonight charles ok so you have you have trump sitting in front of you what what the core methods you wanna tell hand about how to behave tomorrow night well between now and tomorrow night decaf overly but don't talk about your neck and in the air and think of yourself in the press conference with the president in mexico your job in this debate to make people look at you and playing you're plausible president they're not going to care about any details and they want appreciates knocking as or does respectively sort of a fun thing and the circus of fifteen candidates it's not the same in a lot on one so his his goal is not to winnowed pointers now to win on substance it's to show itself to be calm and one obviously did on the in all of this is obvious there's of anything else that we can say that mildly original about the debate tomorrow i doubt it but it is to not shout to keep your voice and as sort of ideal aided in a way that you did when you were standing near with a head of state you were the secretary of state so that you can stand there and be very cold weather the thank for travis make.