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Listen: "It's not happening with the Knicks involved, but that doesn't mean they cannot get a third team involved"

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Maddie Meyer
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Talk about the Celtics of that was do it what do you think about the trade of my what you're saying all this Cavs takes time I think it's all buzz level jumbled but it would you think about it isn't is where it's a bull leave Carmelo it's not happening the Knicks involved but that doesn't mean they can give a thirteen involved I understand the Carmelo to cleanly thing anyway I don't really know how that makes Cleveland better because all will Carmelo which is good that Kevin Love is good at welcome Melo while Carmelo is not to that like the fence Kevin Love struggles with defense connection I get why the Celtics was Kevin Love and the Celtics have draft picks to add to give the somebody now they have to fight in its were to believe that the Boston are talking beginning to find the third-party that can give something to Cleveland his ball steal clean doesn't want draft picks we need somebody come in and and be an upgrade over Kevin Love and again So I happening so there again need to find that thirteen but he did this he didn't sit still Danny Ainge is always looking Wieland deal of in Boston I always I think the more possibility that Al Horford.