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Listen: Nothing could be further from the truth It was the MC Saturday is NFL kicked off wild card weekend

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Jared Wickerham
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Here is talk off wins that way it's Market a Sports Flash nothing could be further from the truth It was the MC Saturday is NFL kicked off wild card weekend and after the team's Nile Davis took the opening kickoff wrong hundred 6 yard touchdown Kansas City won on the shut out the home stand Houston Texans thirty did nothing would serve is eight perfectly suitable opening act but what would be one of the strangest finishes in the history in the league this Steelers lead 15 nothing in Cincinnati starting the fourth quarter 16 15 have a game in hand after bunches perfect intercepted Landry Jones whoever placed in injured Ben Roethlisberger by Jeremy Hill lost a Fumble Big Ben came back led the Steelers in this indeed territory 22 seconds left first intent the 47 pass to Antonio Brown incomplete but he was hit in the head by Burt fake fur fifteen yard penalty Adam Jones seconds later threw a 50 yard on sports unlike come not call he was John Wood Steelers assistant coach Joe we Porter and with 30 yards a free real estate Chris Bosh well on 35 yard field goal 14 seconds did you know giving Mike Tomlin steam any team is 16 win obviously we were very fortunate to win their But the Russian tumble today about to competitive teams there should move one another slowest ridiculous you know I thought we we had a very affairs has really but they gained momentum in the second anything we made just enough plays they got just enough help first from Hilleman from Bradford to try to defend Jones's actions let's not that's why I'm pleased to be on the side of the puzzle itself he was so we could do in order to rev heard it over the reputable I was an Jones didn't talk to reporters after the game instead posting a pro fame video on Instagram since he still winless info season since nineteen.