Listen: "A ninety seven eighty one win over the Pistons, Orlando took care of Chicago, one o' two eighty nine"

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Rob Carr
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Leaders yeah very gave them lead back the Clippers close the game on a twenty six five runs to win a one oh three eight ninety eight the entre Jordan twenty points eighteen rebounds Bryant's even if the call on Clippers radio Doc Rivers wishing Ian said something profess owns to get his team role are just going to keep Wire you know that's all you could tell OKC as lost five of Vin gets to play at Golden State tonight eight nineteen straight postseason berth a twenty ninth straight home win for the Spurs a ninety seven eighty one win over the Pistons Orlando to care Chicago wanted to eighty about it Charlotte won in Philly one nineteen ninety nine the Wizards beat the T Wolves won all four ninety eighty and the Rockets beat the Pelicans one hundred ninety five despite missing thirty one threes and committing twenty one turnovers off the court he was reportedly signing Michael Beasley legend late in just one reward in the Chinese Basketball Association Colorado second ranked Michigan State dropped Rutgers ninety seven sixty six behind a big ten record eleventh threes from Britain for his ninth ranked Oregon clinching Alisa shared the pack twelve regular season title with a seventy six sixty eight winning at you see a lead and number ten to West Virginia handle Texas Tech nineteen sixty eight and the Washington Capitals ace three two win over Toronto crack but on option with the slow Greg right left knee was another slick move things Flynn well we know.