Listen: "According to a tweet from an NFL network reporter"

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Christian Petersen
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Coming up in the eleven o'clock hour other things to talk about today including the airing enters rolling which is really interesting we'll get to that at eleven twenty but right now the big news Calvin Johnson according to tweet from an NFL network reporter we'll let the Lions no by noon today four eight five three nine ninety seven ninety seven ERA got three kids at home other young now but I know the College's right around the corner and it is expensive that's why I'm glad there's the Michigan education savings Program the Emmy S P I love the tax benefits of the automatic payroll that options yes State tax deduction and you get tax deferred earnings than touch we would tosses on is that money is used higher education that includes two Asian books room and board and there are other qualifying expenses the company offers payroll deduction so you can contribute automatically three your paycheck first los fifteen dollars per pay period and we can use the Emmy S P money essentially any school in the country and Emmy S P offers the gifting ten dot email blast friends and family and they could get tricky birthday or holiday money would just a few clicks I don't have time to tell you all the great things about the state-sponsored five twenty-nine college savings planned but you can learn more at am I college savings dot com that's AM I college savings dot com call eight hundred nine some four zero five six one eight hundred nine seven four zero five six one.