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Listen: "As kei cbs's met bigger reports mark silicon valley beer out" MUSLIM REGISTRY

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Is up two points this is cbs news instead of three of the various new station case cbs got mostly cloudy skies with eyes of the fifty slow sixties ahead of tomorrow store good morning nine rebecca core around his what's happening whether boxes are trump tower talking about john creation in the tech sector hundreds of tech workers are bending together do oppose controversial policies proposed by president elect trump as kei cbs's met bigger reports mark silicon valley beer out they're valley to not help create a muslim registry orgy part millions of on documented immigrant so far more than three hundred fifty workers from tech giants including google pay palin twitter have signed the pledge that they will not help create a registry of muslim immigrants or participate in mask data collection that targets people's race or religion i because of the game and i think he's copying ass off or in junior right way even former google employee help right the plaid he's a confusing kind of right now and i think a lot of us are going overwhelmed and that me it's easy to forget how much power we have as individuals hosting the tours also valid a quick their jobs rather than get involved in questionable government practices valor your roar out the former program right intel and i be until skate p_i x five it's unusual protect work is to band together on anything so i think it says a lot for so many people are willing to made such a tough in difficult play so publicly all this comes as many those tech workers bosses our meeting with the president elect today in attendance at the so called text some mets will be apple see ego ten cook facebook see.