Listen: "Florida State is also another one that's going to be having their game this Saturday"

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Rich Schultz
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Coming up on Saturday when you're going fifty sixty thousand people ban top dollar to watch about to guys pretty much play glorified to hand such you know the football special Florida State is also another one that's gonna be having their game this Saturday and they're playing their game in Orlando hours away from their camp if that happens the D in The Saints tedium after going opened the season with input number get all match and I believe that they have gold at least twice that many tickets are they would've per game on their own campus because they're able to appeal to rest the state and Rickard offensively eight practice there's going to be some glut but some rule and so monitoring up the play but no one is going to be hitting super hard you're not can be anybody but he's been outstanding it's really more a chance to bridge the gap because the last game three in January and the next we'll games art until late August early September it's a way to get you a she did and make it through the offseason it's all about hoping hype at that point Ryan Peterson of Bleacher Report news with us oh I you mentioned a handful of games that we have.