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Listen: "Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton looks to extend her lead over rival Bernie Sanders, he's got other plans"

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Joe Raedle
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I'm a credit front-runner Hillary Clinton looks to extend her lead over rival Bernie Sanders he's got other plans ABC's Maurice a good solace is in Miami Hillary Clinton polling ahead in all five states holding primary is including here in Florida but Bernie Sanders is starting to close some of the gaps especially in Ohio says he thinks he can pull up another upset there like he did in Michigan again as for his chances in Illinois he held a late night rally in Chicago asked the crowd to help bring what he calls his campaigns political revolution two will annoy on this primary day asked for the Republicans Donald Trump could mathematically blocked in the nomination today it is possible republicans Marco Rubio and John Tay sick are fighting for their political Futures both the big wins in their home states of Florida and Ohio Chicago teachers unions called for a day of civil disability ends happens on April first the CT you will ask its members to join in on what's being called a day of action union cells of delegates will hold of meeting next week to approve the walkout union vice president Jesse Shark he says of what we hope is that the public joins us union wants support for new taxes in revenue for public education State law dictates that the union.