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Listen: "LeBron James, 34 points, 6 rebounds"

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Jason Miller
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We are Schwartz they are the B's have these once again for a lot of the time line the Cavaliers with this one before victory secure the number one even throughout the course on the third convert playoff we marvel on Cavaliers radio LeBron James thirty-four points six rebounds and six assists in just three quarters Kyrie Irving for thirty-five points Towns over the Hawks one oh nine ninety-four meanwhile in Boston the Hornets yourself weeks jockey for playoff positioning down the me all alone up it is Lee and took a step on everybody here are the lead with twenty-three points of this game was eighty-two fifty-two Steve Oregon Hornets radio Vernon's over sellers one fourteen one hundred twenty-five points for Jeremy Lamb it the Celtics in a Hornet starred for the fifth seeded in the least half game back of Miami elsewhere in the NBA the Mariners coach a playoff spot beat the Jazz one oh one ninety-two the Jazz in Rockets now it's on to the final Western Conference playoff spot Rockets three fifteen walls one twenty-nine One Oh Five starter over The Lakers one twelve Sunday night Russell Westbrook ties Magic charges NBA single-season record was eighteenth tripple double all the C's are also Magic over the box one oh.