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Listen: "The Clippers saga would've taken a very big on of Nuggets rotation"

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Doug Pensinger
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Sport <silence> <silence> now with the lays down trending Sports Stories nine will take on the B's nine eighty Clippers forward Blake Griffin spoke to the media Tuesday for the first time since the off the court incident involving him is the man German ties test the altercation that caused him to fractured his right hand and keep him how per forseeable period of time Blake expressed a true conversion in his speech to the media on Tuesday <silence> very true the situation exercise poured spoken with it's about it or two <silence> you know some of the should put to bed any of the rumors involving Blake Griffin in a possible trade although over the weekend ESPN Chris Broussard nuggets both the deal from the Clippers saga would've taken a very big on of the Nuggets rotation there and involving for big ovation player and for Reid Nikola Jokic Will Barton and is now the team is bubbling that particular report whether or not a deal with officially offered or reject five the Nuggets the Clippers will be one of the first team to fly after the All-Star break you have a Thursday night tilt with the San Antonio Spurs in our pre-game coverage hard above the bridge six thirty on Thursday right here on your new home for sports the Beast nine eighty first they now life take down the Lakers tables center us a will take on the Colorado Bob lows on Wednesday continuing playful he's the seven losses in a very big tackle showdown to come at the Galen Center traveling partner Utah Oliver valiant Thursday to take on the field.