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Listen: "Sixty-two to fifty-nine for the big skies automatic NCAA invite"

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Ronald Martinez
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Which player nine more hours don't with sixty-eight team fielders revealed for the NCAA tournament and while there's plenty of talk about who gets one seeds how about the mid majors finding their way onto the bracket Richardson innately shoes who said that when it comes at the top of the year three the six-foot seven penalties West would one called the big shot that helped Weaver's State beat Montana sixty-two to fifty-nine for the big skies automatic NCAA invite also breaking through the SeaWolves of stone Aybar a bit of a growth the coaches don't do it after from the start walkthrough fourth United him how do the rough about in the last few years Jimmy a warning scoring forty-three the league's donnybrook to an eighty-eight seventy-four win over Vermont in the American he's final other mid majors assured of the NCAA berths Cal State Bakersfield Fresno State Hawaii Middle Tennessee in Buffalo Hampton Steven F Austin and Southern the big boys are led by top ranked chances the Jayhawks won the Big twelve Tournament they'll have a one seed could figure the same goes for North Carolina after winning the ACC final over Virginia Michigan State should be on the top line of that wins today against Purdue in The Big Ten the big question hovers over Villanova the third rank Wildcats los the bases tournaments championship to seen all sixty-nine sixty-seven opening the door perhaps for Oregon to jump into the top seed especially after the Ducks blew past Utah eighty-eight the fifty seven in the past twelve final NBA last night Golden State rallied to beat Phoenix one twenty-three to won sixteen San Antonio also still perfect at home ninety-three eighty-five over Oklahoma City overtime Toronto won twelve Miami one oh for Indiana trip Dallas won twelve one oh five Portland beat Orlando won twenty-one eighty-four Denver defeated Washington won sixteen to one hundred Charlotte outscored Houston won twenty-five to One Oh Nine Milwaukee top New Orleans one oh three to ninety-two it was Atlanta's Downing Memphis ninety-five to eighty-three try stop if you're one twenty-five to one eleven Rockies Washington Capitals may have the best record in the NHL but they've lost three of their last five including last night's five to two defeat at San Jose I run flatter the NFL free agency signing period he's here and we've got the whole league cupboard on CBS Sports Radio.