Listen: "I think this challenge for John Elway is intriguing"

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Justin Edmonds
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I got a lot bet that the guy I think this Challenger John Elway is in three games the gamble didn't pay off alright but they wanted Peyton Manning to go out his terms anyone PR nightmare that one hey Peyton get out we're moving on to Brock into what did you a publicly in understand that pages earned the right to do his retirement press conference what he wants to and he did The Broncos the paper he did it before they have the kind a it worked out just behind abroad got in Philly and he got AJ any got a little bit gifts respected because The Broncos were taking too much time for the Hall Of Fame quarterback and I got benched after we turn the ball over five times I mean usually paying attention to me because I started seven games two I mean players is going titled I mean good for you Brock Osweiler thirty-seven million dollars no but words out but Bettman told story of a behind the theme Ok I think that's the main can take a breakout thank you this whole story behind the theme and how he got all of that because they worked negotiating with a vast been up and even like the bag there waiting for Peyton any really didn't like getting benched in Week seventeen I mean Kelly Brock I was like at halftime what's the difference between Peyton Manning getting benched after throwing four interceptions against the Chiefs and you know getting benched in Week seventeen when he often can turn the ball over five times and when the number one feed to what hanging in the balance I guess but they will don't apply I get it go get paid be a starter good for you just I can understand why John Elway during the line The Fan in Fed dude we're going to be here we're going to kick the million that's not good for you then we're going to move on eight five five two one two fourteen to seven go back to the fall and Timmons was thinking Cleveland Ted welcomed after hours CBS Sports Radio.