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Listen: "We were mentioning with the Tigers that somebody said something that really bothered me"

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Duane Burleson
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On two hundred and eleven he hasn't was I said yeah going that was coming thanks to his who were mention the were two two there are Rivera <silence> if we're mentally with the Tigers that somebody said something that really bothered me in that would be Victor Martinez may go out the fans again spoke about it in throughout the fans was talking about how bad last he how Grady feels right now and he said there is a difference he's as YEAH I CAN This is the Free Press this morning when I can tell the difference yeah I can tell the difference is made over the last year for sure what a difference I can swing now that's the difference OK so if you Goody basically su waiting why the hell they do even play for as long as you did why did you fight the the fact that Moss was you know when to put you want to be on the you know they could let him play through play through it and had his worst season ever so you're signing finish and a detriment to the team because you think you're doing the right thing by being a game or him playing right and yet it first of all and he's batting for a thrill but the guys brought in the cleanup and kids Sweeney that that's good cut the lead to some good baseball player to forty five eleven home runs sixty four R B I season so hopefully he's healthy says he's healthy he can go back to where he was obviously not the two thousand it's impossible but to be a very good Victor Martinez but you know I should know the play hurt two four eight five three nine ninety seven ninety seven I did not I really I wish I could watch the original I really didn't watch it no one was on Friday nights I remember that day but I just know that I was big for Sunday night is on Friday night at the beginning and then a move to Sunday that's OK that's what I thought I did not watches that's acts Files and then last night wrapped up the six episodes season the which will say that Rex goes on FOX I didn't watch I just didn't I would totally get into show like I Skiles has never did for whatever yeah.