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Gun Mom's Passionate Plea: This Is What Your Kids Need To Know About Firearms

Firearms trainer Kathy Jackson, co-author of "Lessons from Armed America", talks about armed education.

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i believe that you start picture here kids knew what to do with race he had done the very moment they are old enough to start talking and expressing curiosity it's not any different then teaching them what to do if they see a kitchen knife any different men teaching them to stay out in the cabinet where the medicine has yeah you're gonna keep their medicine locked up Ander gonna tell a kid oh look here's they Mr yeah key face have to stay away from the three Ackey face a look here the kitchen knife we don't touch the kitchen knives right and we do the same thing with began with it's not any different it's not any other if you start from the time they have all the NAFTA talk and you keep educating over and over and over again giving a little more information as they get older all the way along the line it's so we don't Asia right away from this but I shall die away from that were not ashamed of the fact away young then the fact that we are and then if they good saying is something we are proud of we don't we don't care what the neighbors might say about it are children's labs are too important to these two chance we are not grant say oh I'm so embarrassment the that the neighbors might find out that I own again so I'm going to risk my child's life might not telling about that I think that you know who wish bullish think the look at John I would have think about that,