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WWII Ambulance Driver Tom Grasser Shares What Kept Him Going

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on a day-to-day basis and and what kind of capture going with the flow they I think the thinking and then only speak for myself. Say that this was something that we did not start we year we're trying to stop that every day it becomes routine you may not like that but it's what it is to your job the best I can we felt we were right we're doing the right thing after so all right we're doing the right thing but you get just so that you are that accustomed to it but it is whether this isn't going to change you told us about that first night and this to face come in and how close to call that was we can all feel that I imagine that wasn't the only time the that you look back in you feel like one of those Guardian angels was there with yeah yeah. A look at this people and of restraint here yeah going in there that you Sunday with the windshield element open like that in the sustaining piano way between the trees that the purse instead of just so what we did a that we didn't the motor polls would have and go and that would come up and after over your head and then they had a Hawking and down and that piece saying no way so if you get the piano was good at it and one time arose drive and I was just sit there was night we're trying to get back to where were supposed to be and we're here to clean. Creative piano way and this is just dance and I don't think were supposed to be here with turned out that with their own bad are they and I do believe that a lot of the so just in that you get the ambulances