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WWII Pilot Describes Going Into War: 'I Watched My Buddies Fall Out Of The Sky'

WWII Veteran Rod Braswell

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So give us a sense of what that was like what you encounter on those plus delicious when you're in you don't rate very high and taking order my airplane ever was a scan through for the point to the front so as I'm approaching the Turner with some several hundred airplanes up ahead of me that I can see and I can see own went for coming from the German bursting in the year where this guy is almost like for most sounds crazy and I know that might turn to go through that is coming not there yet but my turns coming to go through and I can see out there and that's pretty much devastating to see that kind of the situation the chance to look forward to your seen the black buses smoke and then you see the planes getting rattled by well then damage right and win them is been following an sky I want my but informs going with the return to go through that for a court to so they always get hit every time ago so you never knew you can you give us a sense of what that feels like I mean it's you unattended group yes the will of are flying Hyundai that the twenty five thousand seat in is the only about thirty five degrees 40 we have for our demands to that that altitude in the kind of station from the previous freezing around your neck and for me I said I have a flak stupid which meant to a law suit with the metal in the front to protect you from the shelves but nothing in the bad because the premise is on the plate and bank of I'm so with the heavy wait from the mobile taking on the front and nothing in the back of his can pursue that the it's Katie your neck orders this to cut who is going to the top your neck is being cut so that's to we've got Isis onion neck thirty-five below and you got a home with that was given to the village boys up from the threat once that does not provide for your phone and have to read at home and to protect the month years have been crushed. Old and I'm being shot at with like effect that that the what you do with the smallest to close your eyes close your teeth well what do you do with the twenty two you don't get things like that you just think that the the signature turn your hope anyway, and do the job that your phone Tears For so slowest emissions obviously heavily defended target your get shot up by flak every single time in all fifty of the emissions how frequent which you say that flak was was it ever present danger and threat to be like oh yeah we can see in Florida from the first mission in the room. the rest of them all for every